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Yup, that's me to a T. I've read a lot growing up. Everything that had to do with Vampires/Witches, Celtic magic -- everything supernaturals.


They were all dark and considered themselves monsters -- I couldn't find the right one where they were happy to be themselves -- guess what? I wrote it LOL!


Keep busy, always, read, write, fix, proofread -- you know, lather, rinse, repeat ...


Yours in blood,


CeDany, BB,V-V!


p.s. I talk of my stories, of course!

Oh Wonderful Weather...

Hello all,


From about the weekend wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry, now The Duchess and Duke of Sussex, the weather has been immaculate -- perfect -- wonderful!


LOL! I could gush and gush as it is so rare, here in the UK in general, but more so in Scotland -- Wow!


Sadly, this Saturday the heat gathered the waters which evaporated and the clouds burst out of the blue sky and fell onto our washing on the lines -- oh dear... we all had to rush outside in panic mode to save the now partially dry/wet clothes and bung everything into the electricity powered dryer... LOL!


Hopefully, we can only hope, this beautiful spell of weather will return. So many of us had plans for BBQ -- our own family dinner was supposed to be juicy rump steaks -- grilled to perfection with Teriyaki coating, chunky chips, a salad and a refreshing carafe of Pimm's Strawberry with a Hint of Mint...


We had to hastily changed our meal plan. Mexican to the rescue Old El Paso, yummy! Nevertheless, a downside to a juicy steak -- any day ahahaha!


Regardless, the heat wave we've suffered (or enjoyed -- differentiating point of views) meant that some of it was hard to bare as not a lick of wind was present and as AC is not a taken-for-granted appliance in the UK household, finding relief from the heat was tough.


Nevertheless, you shouldn't complain as it is extremely rare for us to enjoy such wonderful days in Spring no less -- one wonders if this good weather will carry on into the remaining June, then July, hopefully into August and of course, the first two weeks of September.


We can only hope -- yes, we can only wish and hope!


Have a great weekend and wishing that your special Sunday dinner will not be marred by rain.


Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!