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Yup, that's me to a T. I've read a lot growing up. Everything that had to do with Vampires/Witches, Celtic magic -- everything supernaturals.


They were all dark and considered themselves monsters -- I couldn't find the right one where they were happy to be themselves -- guess what? I wrote it LOL!


Keep busy, always, read, write, fix, proofread -- you know, lather, rinse, repeat ...


Yours in blood,


CeDany, BB,V-V!


p.s. I talk of my stories, of course!

Sorry I've not been posting, RL's been a pain LOL!

Hi all followers and friends,


So sorry I have not been posting, as Real Life's been a pain LOL!


I've done major updates to my website -- I'm now at Jimdo dot com -- they're a great site for Brits and Europeans.


I'm now using PayHip dot com for all my sales and that's where you'll have catching up to do, I now have The WynderMyre Memoirs Episode One AND Episode Two on sales.


Both over 300 pages in EPUB or MOBI formats for your reading pleasure. Before purchasing, if you want a Bite-Size Preview for both Episode One and Two, check the links below and under Ebooks Novel One -- Trieste-Her Journey -- click on this link and you'll find mini-synopses of all the Episodes that forms Novel One.


In the bar above within the page -- you'll find another link to click titled Bite-Size Previews -- click this and you'll be able to read a Bite-Size of Episode One and Episode Two.


Both prices are very reasonable and under $10 US/Canadian and below in Euros. Presently, I use PayPal, so far so good.


Hoping to see you on all my sites: Instagram, Tumblr, Jimdo and of course, PayHip.


Click here for all my current links: https://linktr.ee/cedany.indie.author


Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Please subscribe, like, share and recommend -- believe me, it's very appreciated.


Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!