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Yup, that's me to a T. I've read a lot growing up. Everything that had to do with Vampires/Witches, Celtic magic -- everything supernaturals.


They were all dark and considered themselves monsters -- I couldn't find the right one where they were happy to be themselves -- guess what? I wrote it LOL!


Keep busy, always, read, write, fix, proofread -- you know, lather, rinse, repeat ...


Yours in blood,


CeDany, BB,V-V!


p.s. I talk of my stories, of course!

Great story...

As Dead As It Gets - Katie Alender Great story, well written, but as it deals with death -- I couldn't finish it. You should read it but as I've lost my son back in January 2017, it was way too difficult for me to read. However, in the future, I'll read it all from cover to cover. Congrats to the other. CeDany, BB, V-V!