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Yup, that's me to a T. I've read a lot growing up. Everything that had to do with Vampires/Witches, Celtic magic -- everything supernaturals.


They were all dark and considered themselves monsters -- I couldn't find the right one where they were happy to be themselves -- guess what? I wrote it LOL!


Keep busy, always, read, write, fix, proofread -- you know, lather, rinse, repeat ...


Yours in blood,


CeDany, BB,V-V!


p.s. I talk of my stories, of course!

The WynderMyre Memoirs Two Novel Series!

— feeling amazing

Hello readers,


I've launched the first Episode of my two Novel Series -- The WynderMyre Memoirs.


Novel One -- Trieste-Her Journey

Episode One -- From Dawn until Forever!


It's presently available via GoodReads and PayHip.com in the Epub Format.


However, I'm looking for volunteers that are in possession of a Kindle E-Reader, who would read a portion of Episode One in the MOBI or AZW3 format and let me know if the format is readable by the Kindle readers.


To the one person who gives me a good report and review, I will give away the entire first episode.


I've nothing to test these two formats as I've dealt with Epub only for the past year. Hoping you'll help me out. Thanks! Below is the Cover for this eBook mentioned above.


Thanks, CeDany, BB, V-V!



Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36435972-from-dawn-until-forever