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The Fortune Hunter: A Novel
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Sorry been away a while! Official Launch now!

Hi all, December 2016, I've decided to make the first Episode of my serial "The WynderMyre Memoirs" as a PERMAFREE! If you want to experience the series without spending anything at all, then head on over to my website and on the main page you'll find three download formats of the same Novel One/Episode One. You'll get the choice of downloading EPUB, MOBI or PDF and a link to download POCKETBOOK Android program at Google Play or any other program you prefer especially for the PDF format. I've discovered that -- strangely enough -- PDF removes certain letters out of words -- I haven't found why or how as of yet. If you have the time, I'd love if you would get over to my YouTube Channel -- under search "The WynderMyre Memoirs" please watch all three ebook videos and subscribe too. Thank you and I'll wish you a Merry Christmas -- our youngest child is in hospital and went through a very dangerous procedure this past Wednesday -- we have to wait until next week before it's found tp be successful and he could come home for New Year's Eve celebrations. CeDany, BB, V-V! PERMAFREE download here: mybooksjourney.weebly.com EBOOK VIDEOS here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTfWzJuWMLtlu3bePMJyY-g
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