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An Indie Author who's waiting to be discovered...

Yup, that's me to a T. I've read a lot growing up. Everything that had to do with Vampires/Witches, Celtic magic -- everything supernaturals.


They were all dark and considered themselves monsters -- I couldn't find the right one where they were happy to be themselves -- guess what? I wrote it LOL!


Keep busy, always, read, write, fix, proofread -- you know, lather, rinse, repeat ...


Yours in blood,


CeDany, BB,V-V!


p.s. I talk of my stories, of course!

Not the series, just a TIP!

Hello all,


If you're not interested in my entire series, but would love to support me as an Indie Author, I now have a way for you to do so...


If you purchase the Bite-Size Preview for Novel One -- Trieste-Her Journey -- all four episodes previews. This for £0.50. You'll then help me to complete my series and distribute further afield.


Thanks in advance!


CeDany, BB, V-V!


Here's the link: A Tip Here

Sorry I've not been posting, RL's been a pain LOL!

Hi all followers and friends,


So sorry I have not been posting, as Real Life's been a pain LOL!


I've done major updates to my website -- I'm now at Jimdo dot com -- they're a great site for Brits and Europeans.


I'm now using PayHip dot com for all my sales and that's where you'll have catching up to do, I now have The WynderMyre Memoirs Episode One AND Episode Two on sales.


Both over 300 pages in EPUB or MOBI formats for your reading pleasure. Before purchasing, if you want a Bite-Size Preview for both Episode One and Two, check the links below and under Ebooks Novel One -- Trieste-Her Journey -- click on this link and you'll find mini-synopses of all the Episodes that forms Novel One.


In the bar above within the page -- you'll find another link to click titled Bite-Size Previews -- click this and you'll be able to read a Bite-Size of Episode One and Episode Two.


Both prices are very reasonable and under $10 US/Canadian and below in Euros. Presently, I use PayPal, so far so good.


Hoping to see you on all my sites: Instagram, Tumblr, Jimdo and of course, PayHip.


Click here for all my current links: https://linktr.ee/cedany.indie.author


Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Please subscribe, like, share and recommend -- believe me, it's very appreciated.


Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!

The premise is simple, it's the behind-the-scenes aka Adventures of The WynderMyre Family as found by Lady Trieste WynderMyre (our Heroine) who finds her Mother's Diaries (Lady Ariadne nee BirkeLand WynderMyre) who wrote all about the family over many, many years.


The first Novel is all about Trieste--Her Journey. As such, she always knew she was a Witch, as it happened when she was at Boarding School and just turned 13 years old... She was on a Sabbatical, just out of College and wondering, if she should go to University as many of her brothers did, or begin work at her Mother's Brigantia's Shoppe -- an alternative medicine store and then some... She was in Italy, hoping to get to the City of her name -- Trieste

The WynderMyre Memoirs Series

Hello all,


I you love Vampires, Witches et al. Supernaturals simply. Asking yourselves, "Where do they come from?", then I invite you to read The WynderMyre Memoirs series of two Novels made up of ten Episodes (You call them Novellas). The Origins (the behind-the-scenes) of this Supernatural Family -- The WynderMyre.


Be of 16 years minimum to read all about the Adventures of Lady Trieste WynderMyre, the Heroine and MC of Novel One, then in Novel Two, discover all the Romances and Adventures of all the inhabitants from Seventh Heaven Universe. Thanks!


Yours in blood,


CeDany, BB, V-V!


P.S. If you want to learn about Seventh Heaven Universe, you can! View my YouTube Channel and enjoy the two eBook videos about my series. Links below!


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTfWzJuWMLtlu3bePMJyY-g FOR EBOOK VIDEOS



Do You Like Supernaturals....

Hi all,

Do you love Supernaturals, such as Vanpires, Witches and all?


If yes, have you ever wondered where they actually came from?


If yes, then it would be a great idea (and timing) to read my two novel eBook series -- The WynderMyre Memoirs. Novel One/Episode One is available now on sale and half-price until 31 December 2017.


I'll be launching Novel One/Episode Two in January 2018 as well as my updated Indie Author's website.


All three eBook formats are available for your reading pleasure: EPUB, MOBI or AZW3 (the latter two for your Kindle). Visit PayHip dot com / CeDany you require a PayPal Account thanks! Link is under here...


Oh and you can find info and reviews about Novel One/Episode One here:



Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!

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Hi all,


Sale now on, until 31 December 2017.












31 DECEMBER 2017






From 1 January 2018, it goes to full price as well Novel One/Episode Two will be launched.


Thanks and Happy Holidays to all.


CeDany, BB, V-V!

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New Dramatisation Short Story...

Hello all, A LIFE OF TORTURE... for Miah, the wee Angel! Published under "My Short Stories" tab under mybooksjourney.weebly.com Just the now. A dramatisation... Pleases go read, like, subscribe and comment... Thanks, CeDany, BB, V-V!
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Isn't it strange that the more we are connected online, the least we actually communicate with each other?


Everyday, I'm looking for a comment to reply to, a question to answer, but online, my world is SILENT!!!


I'm waiting...


I'll be answering until I post/launch Novel One/Episode TWO of The WynderMyre Memoirs.


Once again, in three formats for your reading pleasure.


Presently, Novel One/Episode One is still on sale and at half-price. I wouldn't want you to buy Episode Two, without having read Episode One, that'll get you scratching your head wondering... LOL!


But after 15 December, it's mine and family's holiday time, decorations, reflecting on the fact that it's already the second Christmas without our son (he was in hospital in 2016) and preparing as usual a very quiet Christmas while hoping our baby boy was here along with a White Christmas. Not just frost covered ground, but actual snow...


Thanks for the communications -- you have a multitude of places to get in touch and ask what-have-you about The WynderMyre Memoirs series.


My YouTube Channel; My Indie Author's website; Instagram, Riffle, GoodReads, Book Amino on Android services and of course, here on BookLikes..


Looking forward to answering you in the week between Christmas and New Year.

Thanks friends and followers -- hoping to see my Episodes on your TBR lists.


CeDany, BB, V-V

Hi all,


I've two eBook videos out on my YouTube Channel.


If you want to know more about The WynderMyre Memoirs series, then watch these please?




CeDany, BB, V-V!

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Who Is She? An Indie Author... That's Who!



Can be found in Scotland & writes in British English, very cleanly!

Ebooks are my thing, a whole series of ten within two novels.

Day Carer, Full-Time Mother, Night Owl Writer

Always Invisible -- just want to be discovered -- Smile!

Natural Archer -- over 50 years love of Archery!

You should get to know me, before judging me LOL!



Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!

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Down in the mush...

— feeling beaten

Friday night again...


Horoscope promised good things... Waited all week for communications, questions that I would answer... Some sort of words, hello, hi, welcome, something -- anything.


No emails, everything is way too quiet.


Why are authors still ignored as if we are totally unapproachable and only the publishers' PR gets a word or two?


I firmly believed that Indie Authors, such as myself, would welcome contact from our readers. Yes! There's always the risks of getting negative endearing. However, they're plenty of good people, good readers.


My question, where are they?


If you want to know about myself, my series et al. Please asks? I'd love to answer your questions, if they are feasible to answer that is -- smile!


Looking forward to a new beginning in communication. Here's hoping!


Goodnight all, I'm continuing to watch the new film of Star Trek with all the new actors including Simon Pegg as Scotty.


Then, it's off to continue working away until dawn. Thank you!


CeDany, BB, V-V! 

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HAPPY ST ANDREW'S DAY! 30 November 2017

HAPPY ST ANDREW'S DAY, Haggis, Tatties and Neeps oh my!


Get Your Kilt Oot Today as it's St Andrew's Day!


To all, thank you for your Friendship, Followship and Readership!

Yours in blood, CeDany, BB, V-V!

The Beginning... and counting...

Yesterday (24 November 2017) by insisting and repeating myself on Instagram, I finally was noticed.


RESULTS! I sold an eBook... Yipee, Yeah!
Doing the Dance!


Over a year of promoting... I have to shout to be heard and break through the barriers.

However, it makes one feel EPIC. Now, that it has begun, I'm counting -- only 499 to go.


500 = 1
499 =


Help me achieve my goal 500 eBooks sold before Christmas.


CeDany, BB, V-V!



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Do you want to know anything about The WynderMyre Memoirs?


As what is it about, maybe?


Or something you want to know about me as an Indie Author?


Just ask, please, below, I'll answer what I can?


Thanks, CeDany, BB, V-V!


P.S. Here's the link to my eBook on GoodReads

Novel One/Episode One

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The WynderMyre Memoirs -- Bite-Size Preview -- Novel One/Episode One and Novel One/Episode Two

Manny’s Day of Reckoning – 21 May 3725


AS MORNING DAWNED on our new home, I knew that today would be very sad for me. The 21 May 3725, should have been my wonderful husband and soul mate, simply another birthday in our extraordinary long lives… But no! After leaving Planet Earth in the year 2025, everything changed. We had to leave and take the honourable position held until recently by The Fates. We knew then that the old rules that did not apply to Earth, would take hold of us here, in the Seventh Heaven Universe...




Everything Goes
Wrong, Really!


WE HAVE LEARNED a bit of my other World – Seventh Heaven Universe – you have met me, Trieste, your heroine. Not everyone that had been abducted, suffered as much as the men in my family did. The suspension wall-coffins are the worst. I trembled, while I read the part where, my Mother and Janelle, had been determined of no use and left to die...




More coming soon....


CeDany, BB, V-V!




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Better Good News!

— feeling amazing

Finally, updated my product page. The WynderMyre Memoirs, Novel One/Episode One.


Now available in Epub, Mobi or AZW3 format for your reading pleasure just click the link below . Thanks


CeDany, BB, V-V!


Here's the proof LOL!


Three Ebook Formats Right Here!



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